Places I wanna go

- Franska rivieran 
- Amsterdam
- Berlin
- London
- Grekland, igen

The world:
- Australien
- Bali
- New York
- Carlifornien 
I have got such a wanderlust ever since I got back. Back from Paris and probably one of my greatest adventures so far in my life. I have started to understand how important it is to travel and discover new places, because at the same time you also discover parts of yourself. It's like there are pieces of you spred over the corners of the world just waiting for you to find them. And each time you do it's like comming home. And I do want to come home. And also I want to understand and take advantage of this beautiful world that we are living in. I just can't let this get past, I have to live this life of descovering and enjoying life at it's finest.

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